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Skye Maddox Release Boost

Release Boost
Ascendance: The Pyramid Dommes Series #2
Author: Skye Maddox
Cover: Kozzi/Skye Maddox
Alyssia continues her challenges as manager of The Pyramid Club. A known establishment among elite clientele and her second home. She's made her mark in the business world and often referred to as "Boss". That serving title didn't come easy and Julio Santiago only adds to the challenge. Alyssia’s time is consumed by her boyfriend even more-so when she dominates him in the bedroom. This is the only place Julio renders control and Alyssia calls the shots. Not everything is always smooth sailing. Just when they both finely complement each other they are pulled apart by the struggles that endanger the same people they love. Can Alyssia finally ascend into her power throne or will Julio turn the tables causing Alyssia to slam the breaks on their fast track relationship.

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“You should shower and relax. I have emails to answer then I’ll come to bed.” I opened my laptop climbing on my settee watching Julio go into the bathroom.
“Hey, are you still angry with me?” Julio stood glistening with a dew from his shower and a towel wrapped low in his hips.
“I don’t know. I don’t want to think about it anymore if that’s alright with you?” Already finished with work I climbed into bed surprised my body had been pulled to the edge of the bed. Julio pinned me with his weight assaulting me with kisses.
My anger subsided leaving me more with hurt pride than anything else. I didn’t appreciate being treated like a glass princess. I had my childhood memories for that.
“I think you deserve to be punished for your disappearance today. You forget I am strong, confident and most of all, the one in control of my life.” I used my legs to push him off me and sank to the floor pulling a velvet box from under the bed.
“What are you doing? Where did you get that from?’ Julio’s eyes bulged studying the velvet box he immediately recognized.
“I took it from your private suite at The Pyramid. You spend so much time here I’m afraid my scarves and belts won’t be enough. Assume the position and don’t make me ask twice.”
The whole night he moaned from pleasure only I could give him.
“Morning Querida. Can you please free my hands?” Julio looked even sexier with his hands bound and ruffled hair. He’d paid for his deception and took his punishment well or enjoyed it in this case.
I straddled him looking into his beautiful blue eyes catching his smile pull up at the corner of his mouth. I kissed his lips softly lingering just long enough to make him gasp. I worked the knots of the velvet rope around his hands slowly rubbing at his wrists. He grunted the moment they were free and flipped me, pinning me under him. He brushed my hair off my face lightly touching my face with the pads of his fingertips. I bit my lower lip studying this strong gorgeous man above me. I traced my finger across his forehead, down his cheek and across his jaw. We kissed and caressed each other with just as much intimacy as if we’d made love.
“I am late for work and need a shower. Are you staying in?” Julio sat sitting me in his lap.
“I am. I have a lunch date with Natasha and Nicolas. They are meeting his parents for dinner tonight. I’m not sure why I was asked to lunch and I couldn’t say ‘No’ either. I will let you know how it goes. Share the shower?” He scooped me into his arms carrying me to the bathroom.

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Author Bio:
Skye lives in Texas with her high school sweetheart. She’s an avid reader and chocolate lover. She loves taking her stories to the next dramatic level. Her interest in erotica and dark erotica genre come alive in the books she brings to you. When she is not involved in her writing process she loves to spend quiet time with her husband and an occasional glass of wine.

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