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Sky Cowboy by Kasey Millstead
Book #2 in the Downunder Cowboy Series
Release Date:  October 15th 2013

Ava Crawley only had one dream in life; grow up and marry the boy next door, Jeremy Henley. When she was twenty, her dream was crushed by her nasty, vindictive, deceitful sister Kennedy. Unable to handle the hurt, Ava fled.
Jeremy Henley is a Sky Cowboy in Australia’s Northern Territory. Along with his twin brother, Jackson, he is Pine Creek’s finest catch. Jeremy doesn’t give a damn about that, he only cares about the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen; Ava Crawley. After years of waiting for Ava to show an interest in him, an opportunity presents itself and Jeremy takes it. Then, Ava up and leaves for France. No explanation. No goodbye. Nothing. She doesn’t come back for three years, and when she does, Jeremy has a baby son.
Will Ava and Jeremy be able to overcome the pain of the past and give their love a chance? Or, will Ava lose her life just as she’s starting to live her dream?

Author Bio
Kasey Millstead lives a quiet life in country New South Wales, Australia, with her husband and their four young children. She enjoys baking, singing (ridiculously out of tune) & spending time with friends and family. Kasey has always harboured a deep love for reading and writing, and she is now lucky enough to be living her dream of being an Author.

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“Hey, Jeremy,” I slur.  The alcohol was definitely bringing out my inner bravado.
“Hey Ava.”  He smiles at me and I melt.  I feel like I could slide right off the stool and pool on the floor in a big alcoholic puddle.  “What’s going on?” He says nodding towards the Patron.
“Nothing much.” I slur again and then use my fingers to shove my tongue back in my mouth and wipe away any escaping drool at the same time. 
“Want some company?”  He grins cheekily and all I can do is stare at his mouth; hypnotized.  I’m pretty sure my tongue is hanging out but I can’t do anything about it.  My reflexes are too slow and besides, Jeremy is just too delicious.
He chuckles, snapping me out of my reverie, and slides onto the stool beside me.
As we finish off the bottle of tequila together, we start to flirt.  Harmlessly at first, but then things start getting heated.  I shift in my seat as he blows in my ear and whispers something that I can’t make out.  It doesn’t matter though, it’s still hot as hell.
“I need to pee,” I slur.  Wobbling as I stand, I make my way slowly outside, towards the ladies room.  Once there, I use the facilities and try to give myself a pep talk.  I need to calm down.  Focus.  Sober up a bit so I can enjoy Jeremy and actually remember having this time with him in the morning.  I wash my hands and walk out, running smack bang into a hard wall of warm solidness.
“Sorry,” I giggle before looking up into the hypnotizing clear blue eyes of Jeremy.  He grips me around the waist and pushes me back into the wall.  His hand travels down my leg, pausing at my knee to lift up.  Automatically, I curl my limb around his waist.  He leans in and I smell his sweet, warm, alcohol induced breath as it mingles with mine for a split second before he touches his lips to mine.  I moan involuntarily and then gasp as he grinds his hardness against my softness.  His tongue sweeps in and teases mine in an erotic dance.  My hands dive into his soft chocolate brown hair and I grip and tug causing a deep groan to rise from his throat.

“Get a room, Henley,” a voice calls as they walk by.  I immediately drop my leg and push him back slightly.  We’re both panting heavily.  I try my hardest to focus.  I’m so turned on its unbelievable.  I would have let him take my virginity right then and there if we hadn’t been interrupted.  But, we were.  I take a deep breath and stumble back inside ignoring him calling my name.

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Sweet Surrender - Angel Steel

For five long years, Chantal has been in love with Dom. They have always had a great friendship and flirted with each other like nobody’s business, which just seemed to be their thing. Chantal’s feelings for Dom were obvious to everyone but him. 
After being rejected for the last time by Dom, Chantal is fed up and ready to move on…or so she thinks. She finds solace in a familiar face and starts anew. Things start to heat up, and along with new beginnings come new surprises…and secrets. An old flame resurfaces and things go awry. The crazier life gets, the harder it is to keep her secrets from the people she loves, including Dom. Can she keep these secrets hidden forever? 
Dom has been hiding his feelings for Chantal for five years. He just can’t see a way to make it work. There are things about him that she can never know. One could test her limits and the other would certainly test their relationship. Either way, Dom is afraid he will lose her if she were to ever find out. 
Will the love that Chantal and Dom has for each other, be strong enough for them to cope with all of the lies and deceit? Or will it end them for good?

Angel Steel Answers Our Questions

1. What made you start writing? 

I wanted to get my own point across, so some of the things that have happened to me in my life I wanted to share in a story and how I reacted to them, in every aspect. Plus I started writing when I was really young around 10 or 11. My mother told me I had a wild imagination, now being older that imagination is a lot wilder then it was.

2. Where did you get the idea for the books? 

Well, most of the ideas came from what I have been through throughout my life, some from what has happened to people that I know, not much, but majority from me and my life.

3. How do you come up with your characters? 

Most of the characters have either a part of me in them as well as my hubby. Also some of the friends I have come into as well. Some are just random characters that I thought up pretty quickly.

4. When will the next book be released? 

Unsure as to when that will be, I’m currently still writing Joey’s story, and have started Alex and Craig’s one, as well as co-writing one with another amazing author, so it really depends which book will finished first and that one will be released first then the rest following it afterwards.

5. What gets you through the writing process when you sit down and write? 

I need to get the storyline written lol. If I have a thought on anything to do with any of my books I need to write it down straight away, so I don’t forget it, how it’s playing out in my head. So many of the thoughts that I have had, never made it in my word doc, or didn’t sound the same as what it did in my head, which is kinda scary lol.

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Sweet Surrender (Sweet Series #2)
Angel Steel

Dom growled at the contact of her hand on him. Smiling, she shifted forward, pulling him free on his jeans, and slowly licked up the full length of him. The salty taste of him made her moan, and the vibration of that moan sent electricity straight to his balls, pulling them up tight.
Moving her hand up and down, she looked up at him, and whispered, “Please, let me do this, I need to.”
Pushing his jeans down further, he wrapped his hand around hers, and she felt Joey move behind her. His hand moved down her back, over her ass, and then between her legs, rubbing over her lips to her opening.
Spreading her legs as wide as she could, she let Joey do what he wanted to her, while her mouth wrapped around Dom and slid down his shaft. She twisted her wrist as her mouth began moving up and down with her hand, and Dom wrapped his hand in her hair pulling her closer to him.
Joey moved to the side of her, kneeling as two of his fingers slid into her. Moaning at being filled, she removed her mouth from Dom and looked at Joey. As if he knew by the look that she gave him, he stood, pulling himself from his pants, and rubbed the head of his cock along her lips. Still moving her hand along Dom’s cock, she wrapped her lips around Joey’s.
Having them both in the shower with her, half naked with their cocks out for her and her only, made her heart swell. They both wanted her as much as she did them. Looking up their bodies, she smiled as both their heads were tilted back on their shoulders. As she moved her mouth from Joey and back to Dom, his hand tightened in her hair.
Her mouth moved faster over him, as did her hand on Joey, she wanted to taste both of them. The alcohol in her system was slowly residing, and her mind was clear as to what she was actually doing to both of them. Letting go of Joey, she pulled Dom closer to her, and lifted her hand to Dom’s balls, rolling them in her hand as her mouth slid faster along him. Groaning, he pulled her head further into him, pushing his cock down her throat. She swallowed around the head, gripping it tight. “Damn, baby,” he moaned out.
Glancing over at Joey as he took himself in hand and started pumping to her movements as she was doing on Dom, she spread her legs wider, and released Dom’s balls before sliding her hand down to her opening. Pushing two of her fingers into herself, she started rocking her hips over her hand.
Joey knelt down beside her, watching as her fingers disappeared inside of her. “That is so freakin’ sexy, Chantal,” he groaned out.
She sat back on her feet, opening as wide as she could so he could see better, and Dom growled from above. She shivered as her fingers were pulled from her core, and pushed into Joey’s mouth. He moaned around her fingers, and she moaned around Dom as he did that, sending his hips forward.
“Swallow,” Dom growled down at her. She did what she was told, gripping the head of his cock. Joey jerked beside her, and she looked over at him as his orgasm hit, releasing all over her breasts.
“Shit,” he ground out.
Chantal rubbed his cum all over her breasts, as Dom continued pumping harder and faster into her mouth. Joey’s fingers slammed into her core. Clenching as tightly as she could, she screamed around Dom’s hardness.
“Again,” Dom said through clenched teeth.
Joey pulled out nearly all the way and did the same thing again. Slamming his fingers into her, he curled them at the tips to hit that magical spot inside of her. Her orgasm was building, and she knew it wasn’t far off.
Dom’s hips pumped so fast she couldn’t keep up with him. Joey was the same, fingering her. Being full was an understatement. Her knees gave out, but Joey held her up as he kept up what he was doing to her. Dom gripped her head in his large hands. “Ready?”
She nodded, and Dom pulled out, before slamming to the back of her throat, releasing himself. He moaned out her name as he did, and still continued pumping into her mouth. She loved the taste of him. A little bit of spice, but sweet tasting.
She slumped to the bottom of the shower, breathing heavy. She never got a chance to control her breathing before she was lifted up into Dom’s arms.
“You are going to be the death of me, baby,” he whispered to her.

She smiled back at him. “So, are you.” 

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Leverage: Pt 1 (Billionaire romance) by Alexx Andria


Get ready to immerse yourself in the wealthy life of Boston Kincaid, the newest billionaire romance from best-selling erotic romance author, Alexx Andria.

Boston Kincaid is ruthless when comes to getting what he wants - and from the minute he sees Julianna Holly, he'll stop at nothing to have her in his bed. It's all about finding the right leverage, right? When Julianna finds herself within Boston's crosshairs, she doesn't stand a chance. But neither realizes how one indecent proposal has the power to change their lives forever.

Julianna stood and in spite of the fire in her eyes, he caught the subtle tremble in her body as she declared, “I’ve made a mistake. I can’t go through with this. I’m sorry but I’m not cut out for this kind of thing. I know there are women out there who would jump at an opportunity to be your beck-and-call girl but I’m not that girl. I was wrong to accept and I know I signed a bunch of paperwork but…I just can’t.” Boston chuckled as he removed his jacket and tossed it to the French, ornate armchair that he personally despised, and began unbuttoning his shirt cuffs. When he didn’t immediately answer, she took a step away from him and said, “What are you doing? Didn’t you hear me? I can’t do this. I’m sorry. Find someone else. Obviously, I will return the money. I’ll find a way to help Tom on my own.”
At that he arched his brow and stripped his shirt from his body. “Really? How industrious of you. Have you a spare $300,000 lying around that I’m unaware?”
“Of course not,” she said, scowling. “You know that.”
“Yes, I do know that. I also know that you’re late on your payment to Serene Hills, the managed care facility where your brother was moldering away in his hospital bed. How many late payments do they allow before they toss your brother on his broken ass?”
She blinked back tears, hatred in her expressive eyes. “You’re a bastard. You already know the answers to the questions you’re asking.”
“Yes, I do. The answer is three. And you’re on No. 3. What’s the plan after they toss him out? Your apartment isn’t suitable for Tom’s wheelchair and your bedroom is much too small for the specialized hospital bed he needs. What’s your grand plan?”
“I don’t know!” she cried, tears appearing. “But I’ll figure something out. I just can’t do what you’re asking me to do.”
He tsked as if he felt true empathy for her situation but in truth, he was in ruthless mode and he’d do just about anything to keep her to her word. He unbuttoned his trousers and let them fall, kicking them free. He took a seat on the bed and began to remove his socks. It did not escape his notice that her gaze had strayed to the bulge in his boxer briefs. He had nothing to hide and was pleased to note the sudden flush in her cheeks as she skewed her gaze sharply. “My sweet Julianna…stop fighting the inevitable. Your heart is your biggest strength and likely, your biggest handicap. You will do whatever it takes to help heal your brother because you love him so much. You’re a good little sister and you should be proud of your character. Is that what you need to hear so you can go forward without guilt?”
“It’s not guilt I feel,” she retorted, wiping at her eyes. “It’s shame.”
“Shame? For what?” he asked, settling onto the bed, enjoying watching her even as she struggled. Everything about her intrigued him. “Women have been bartering the pussy for centuries. It’s really nothing new or worth getting worked up over.”
“Yes. Men have been coercing and manipulating women for a very long time but it doesn’t make it right.”
“That’s a matter of opinion I suppose. Seems right to me.” He shrugged with a negligent smile. “Now, enough with this nonsense and put on the lingerie.”
“Does anyone ever tell you no?”
“Not successfully.”
She exhaled a short breath of exasperation but he could tell she was wavering. He was an expert in reading people — a decided benefit in his position — and knew she was on the edge of capitulating. The key to any successful negotiation was to know the opponent’s weakness. Julianna’s weakness was embarrassingly easy to discern. “It’s a pity you’re reneging on the deal. At this moment, Tom is being readied for transport to the airport. His suite, compared to the one he’s currently staying in, looks as luxe as the Taj mahal. But I suppose I can cancel the order. However, I thought I should mention that I spoke with a doctor at Stanford about your brother’s injury and he said there’s a window of opportunity that quickly closes for treatment. And Tom’s window is rapidly closing.”
“Tom’s doctor never told us that,” she said, chin lifted. “You’re lying.”
“Why would I lie? It makes no difference to me if your brother never walks again. Besides, why would your doctor dangle hope in front of you when he knows you’ll never have access to the kind of treatment your brother would need? Seems unnecessarily cruel, if you ask me.” He shifted and pulled his underwear off, tossing them to the floor, smiling when she gasped at seeing him completely nude with a rock-hard erection eagerly springing into view. He palmed his cock and grinned. “Are we finished with the moral dilemma? If so, I’m ready to get this party started.”
A long moment stretched between them but Boston’s confidence never wavered. He knew she’d cave. She was too tender-hearted for her own good. He tried not to crow with triumph when Julianna dragged her feet to the edge of the bed and grabbed the box. “There’s a girl…” he murmured, pleased.
“I hate you,” she hissed, clutching the box to her chest. “For the rest of my days, I will hate you until I die for making me do this.”
“Duly noted.” His smile faded and his tone hardened. “Now hurry up so I can fuck you.”
At that she quickly ran to the bathroom and slammed the door shut.
Boston ignored the sting of her words and focused on his victory. It didn’t matter how she felt about him as long as he could feel her body beneath his. That’s all that mattered, he reminded himself. That’s. All. That. Mattered.

REVIEW (by Diane):

Alexx has done it again! She has written another book that delves into the world of billionaires that think that they can buy what they want and there are no consequences.

Boston knows what he wants and goes after it. He wants Julianna at any cost. Julianna sacrifices her everything in her life to look after her brother that has a spinal cord injury and is paralyzed

Boston think he can solve his problem with wanting Julianna just buying proposing a 'business agreement' that will be mutually beneficial for both of them. 

Julianna will be giving her brother the best possible treatment available if she gives in to Boston. But she gives up something she has been holding on to and will not get back once it has been taken. 

What happens in between these two will either bring them together or tear them apart? 

If you have read 'Bought by the Billionaires' then you will get a laugh out of the reference in the book.

Can't wait for the next instalment to see where Alexx takes Boston and Julianna.