Sunday, December 21, 2014

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On a 20X20 boxing ring in the belly of Madison Square Garden, Tommy Farrow defends his title for the WBO championship belt against Jeffrey Johnson. Near the end of the 10th round, a solid left hook to Farrow's head drops him to the canvas, killing him instantly.Thus begins an adventure into hell and a race against the clock. Farrow must rescue the soul of a writer who dies only seconds before him. The writer, Robert Scalia, has been hijacked by demons through a passage into purgatory called the Hellmouth. In the future, Scalia is supposed to write a tell-all book that will prevent a madman from becoming the President of the United States...a madman that will eventually cause a nuclear war. If Farrow can rescue Scalia from hell, he and the writer will be put back into their bodies at their times of death and be allowed to give life another shot; but if he fails...the world as we know it will end. The timer is set. Get ready to rock.
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