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Cover Reveal ~ Kaydee Mavericks An Unexpected Forever

Release Date December 30th


Three years ago I thought my world had completely fallen apart. I’ve been living day to day for my daughter, never really focusing on myself.

The day that I walked into that room and saw Kali was the day my life changed. She completely tipped my world upside down and I’m just not sure if my heart can take it. 

She was unexpected and it scared the living daylights out of me.


I thought I had gotten out.

I was wrong. 

When he came for me i thought my life was over. I never considered him coming back would change my life forever. I never dreamed what he did to me would lead me towards a man who would cherish and love me for me.

When you think your life is over and you don’t see a future, all you can do is live day by day, only to hope that one day the unexpected will come and make it all right.
Hunter was my unexpected.

Can Hunter and Kali push forward after their pasts have consumed them for so long? 

Or will the unexpected be too much for them to bare?

Will they get their Unexpected Forever?

Today was the day that would change our lives forever. Our little girl was making her entrance into the world. Rushing into the hospital with Jana by my side, both of us can’t stop smiling, knowing this is it.
“Excuse me.” Taking a deep breath, trying to calm my nerves. “My wife is in labor, we need some help.” I grab the first nurse I see.
 “Of course. Let me grab a wheelchair and I’ll take you right on up.” She says, smiling sweetly at the two of us.
Once we are placed in the maternity room, her doctor comes in, “Let’s check and see how many centimeters you’re dilated, Jana.”
The look on the doctor’s face scares me as he makes his way back over to Jana after putting on his gloves.
“What’s wrong, doc?” Taking a deep breath trying to calm my nerves. After everything that we have been through trying to conceive, I don’t know if I can handle any bad news right now.
“Nothing at all, looks like your little girl is ready to make her entrance into the world. Jana, are you ready to push?”
“YES!” She screams along with making a grunting sound, and I know she’s more than ready.
“Alright then, let’s meet your little girl.” The doc says smiling.
After about an hour of pushing, a lot of screaming, I see that Jana is getting tired and something just doesn’t feel right to me. Nothing seems to be helping her through the pain. When she looks up at me her face is heartbreaking, my wife’s in pain and there isn’t a damn thing I can do to help her.
“Come on honey, a few more pushes and let’s meet our baby girl.” Trying to calm her nerves and help her through this any way I can.
After a few more pushes while all I can do is hold her hand and encourage her over and over, when all of a sudden Jana pushes down hard one last time and we hear the most beautiful sound in the world. Our baby girl crying.
The doctor hands her off to the nurse to be cleaned, and I can’t stop looking at my beautiful girl. She’s the most precious thing I’ve ever seen. The nurse asks me if I want to cut the umbilical cord and I jump at that.
The doctor tells my wife to push one last time to expel the placenta. That’s when I hear it. The most horrifying sound, almost like a blood quenching scream, and I’ll never forget it.
The doctor and staff rush around the room, announcing that she’s hemorrhaging. It seems like forever as I observe them attaching emergency medical equipment to my wife. Then they finally take Jana to the operating room, leaving me alone with our precious little girl.
I’m numb. I don’t know what to think. My bundle of joy is lying right in front of me, but my heart is shattering and ripping out of my chest for my wife.
I’m sitting rocking Alyssa and I can’t stop looking at how beautiful she is. Time seems to be going at a snail’s pace waiting for answers regarding my wife before the doctor finally comes back in.
“Hunter.” The sound of my name pulls me from my thoughts and I glance up at Dr. Steele. He swallowed what had to be a lump in his throat. “I’m so sorry. We did everything in our power to stop the hemorrhaging, but there wasn’t anything we could do. She lost too much blood. We lost her, Hunter.”
The doctor takes Alyssa out of my arms and hands her to the nurse again. I lose it. I hit my knees and completely break down, crying on the hospital floor. There is talking around me, but do to the roaring in my ear I can’t hear anything that’s actually being said.
How am I supposed to go on without Jana? She’s my life. We were so excited to be having Alyssa. I just don’t understand. We were high school sweethearts. We got married right after college and had been trying to conceive for almost five years before we found out we were pregnant. We wanted a child for so long. Jana and I knew that having a child was a big responsibility. We were determined to raise a wonderful child, or at least figure out how to be the best parents in the world. Now, it seems the dream is shattered. I can’t lose Jane. She’s my wife.
I stand up and start yelling for Jana, thinking maybe the doctor was wrong and, she was coming back to us.
“Hunter, you have to be strong for your daughter. Remember you may have lost Jana, but you have to focus on Alyssa now. Is there anyone I can call to come down here?”
I can’t even begin to think, let alone answer him. Thank goodness my brother and his girlfriend come in. They both rush to me.
“We will get through this Hunt, I promise you.” I can feel Heath’s arms go around my hugging me tight.

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Photography by MHPhotography 
Cover Models~ Mandy Hollis and Julio Elving

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