Thursday, June 29, 2017

Tour for MOMENTS OF CLARITY by J.B. Heller

With the events of one night, the clarity with which I once saw my life vanished. 

Moments series #2
JB Heller
Releasing June 22, 2017

That was me.
In every way that mattered anyway. I had a close, loving relationship with my parents, my older brother was my hero, and with graduation right around the corner, I was on the verge of turning my love of photography into a career.
Then there was Carter, surprisingly he turned out to be the yin to my yang. Where I was alternative, slightly nerdy and a whole lot awkward, Carter was smooth, popular and confidant. Yet somehow, we fit. Or so I thought.
With the events of one night, the clarity with which I once saw my life vanished. Leaving me completely unprepared for the reality I would now have to face and the choices that accompanied it.

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I wrap my hands around her waist, my thumbs meeting bare skin, “What are you wearing?” I didn’t even notice when we were outside, I was too busy looking at her gorgeous smile.
I feel her shrug in my arms, “Nothing special.” Then she leads me out of the photo lab, locking it up behind her and taking my hand as we walk back to my car.
The lot is almost empty when we reach it, and I look down at her under the bright lights that illuminate the area, nearly swallowing my tongue when I take in her form. She’s wearing a green and black checked mini skirt with black leggings or stocking things covering her long legs and her combat boots. The long sleeve top she has on doesn’t quite meet the skirt at her waist, leaving a tantalizing slither of creamy skin on display.
She laughs when I stop abruptly, staring at her, “What?” she quips.
“You are so damn beautiful, you know that, right? I’ve told you that before, haven’t I? You’re my sexy little nerd,” I tell her, taking in the writing on her black top, Trust Me I’m A Jedi.
Chance does a little curtsy, “Why thank you,” she says with a coy grin tugging at her lips.
Holding her hand isn’t enough, I drop it and take her face in my palms pressing my desperate lips to hers, and close my eyes. She responds immediately, wrapping her arms around my hips, clawing at the small of my back through my shirt.
“Let’s get out of here,” I say breathless, taking her hand again and jogging towards my car, tugging her along behind me.

J B Heller is an Aussie Indie Author of Steamy Contemporary and Comedic Romance. She has three wildling children, two giant Great Danes, one permanently terrified cat, five birds of various species (One of whom thinks she’s helping by running across the keyboard repeatedly while JB tries to work. Lucky she’s tiny.), and a gazillion fish. Oh, and we can’t forget the man child she calls her husband.

After years of working in assorted fields including a Butchery, Remedial Therapist Receptionist, Hairdressing, and Checkout Chick Extraordinaire, she finally found her place amongst likeminded people in the writing community.

She published her first book in 2013 under the pen name Eliza Brown, and has since evolved into J B Heller with more than 10 titles to her name.

On her limited downtime you’ll find her reading, trolling Pinterest for her next muse or online stationery shopping (she has a mild addiction to stationery and she refuses to seek help.).

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