Friday, April 29, 2016

Have you read the NEW ending to the Gypsy Brothers series?

Pssst... did you know there's another book in the Gypsy Brothers series?
Many of my readers have told me they didn't even knowZero Hour was out!

It's been a crazy, exciting ride these past couple of years with the Gypsy Brothers series - a story I never wanted to end. But all good things must come to an end eventually, and I'm so happy with the way Zero Hour turned out.

Zero Hour is here...
and it's intense. The final chapter in a story of lust, love, revenge, and death. But is it really final? It is really the end? Can Juliette's story finally be at a close?
Guess you'll have to read it to find out. ;-)
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Juliette Portland’s purpose was simple: Seduce. Kill. Avenge. Once Dornan Ross and his sons were dead, her future was supposed to be clear. Her life was finally going to begin. And love... Against all the odds, she had the love of a boy she never thought she'd see again.  

Everything should have gone according to plan. Everything should have been easy once Dornan was dead and buried.  

But nothing’s ever that easy, is it?  


I might have survived Dornan's wrath, but I was different then. Younger. Stupider. I’ve had too much time to think since I got out of the cage he locked me in. I've had too much time to dream about all the things he did to me.  
I think about revenge a lot. When I’m thinking of the way the light dimmed in Dornan’s dying eyes and the way he said you killed my sons 
How beautiful it was, and how hollow.  


Sometimes, I can’t tell if I’m starting to become him. My father. Dornan. The way I am, the things I’ve done—they make Juliette’s sins look like child’s play.  
Of course, I’d never tell her that. I’ll never tell her the things I’ve done.  
It doesn’t mean she won’t find out anyway.
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